Divine Wisdom

God wants to freely give you divine revelation and wisdom, but will only give these to people who really show a desire to receive them.  This is not to make you a super-spiritual believer, who knows God’s will for everyone’s life.  

He wants you to understand His purpose for your own life, which will affect you in every area, as well as produce lasting results in your life.  Divine wisdom is desperately needed in the world today, because it far exceeds human wisdom.  Many have human knowledge, but lack wisdom to adequately apply what they know.  

The Holy Spirit wants to give you divine wisdom, which will open your understanding, and enable you to help others in their time of need.  Prayer Thought The Word says, if we lack wisdom, we’re to ask for it. 

He’ll give it freely, not holding back.  What a resource!   See James 1:5-6.

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